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Steel Quality Control

Zhejiang Superfly manufacture plant select the raw steel with strict standard, which laid a solid foundation to produce excellent valve products. Our steel suppliers include ThyssenKrupp, Baosteel, and TISCO Group. Their outstanding materials guarantee our quality.

ThyssenKrupp Group is the steel magnate in the world, a German industrial giant. The Baosteel company is one of the world's top 500 enterprises, and ranked top 3 in the overall competitiveness of the world steel industry. It is considered to be the most promising iron & steel enterprise in the future. Baosteel specializing in producing high value-added steel products. In the automotive steel, shipbuilding steel, oil, gas exploitation and transportation of steel, steel appliances, stainless steel, special steel and high-grade construction steel materials and other fields, Baosteel Group have high quality support, and products are exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and America more than forty countries and regions.

The raw materials will be detected before processing. Hardness, tension, ductility,compression, impact, wear, corrosion and machinability are some of the major tests that are performed by quality control personnel.Hardness is not a fundamental property of a material, but is related to its elastic and plastic properties. The test procedure and sample preparation are fairly simple and the results may be used in estimating other mechanical properties. Rockwell and Brinell are two popular hardness tests that are widely used for inspection and control. Next to the hardness test, the tensile test is the most frequently performed test to determine certain mechanical properties. A specifically prepared tensile sample is placed in the heads of a testing machine and an axial load is placed on the sample through a hydraulic loading system.The aim of test raw materials is to ensure that the steel used in the manufacturing process in the production of sanitary products can play intended use. Appropriate testing and analysis can avoid generating high quality and delivery delays.

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