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Zhejiang Superfly is a decade production of health-class ball valves, sanitary-Diaphragm valves, sanitary-tube, sanitary-valve professional manufacturers. We adopt the new technology, the new core production of health-class ball valve, sanitary diaphragm valves, sanitary fittings, sanitary butterfly valve with different finish, material and industrial standards using national standards for the system, the quality of EU PED, ISO9001 quality management system Sanitary valves, sanitary pipe fittings, sanitary butterfly valves are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, dairy, beer, beverages, cosmetics and other fields, and a large number of exports to Europe and the Middle East and other countries. Zhejiang Supper fly is committed to the high-quality materials, advanced design, strict manufacturing standards perfect combination, and strive to provide the best, the best choice. Ultra-flying enterprises to your choice of health-class ball valve, sanitary-valve, sanitary-tube, sanitary-butterfly valve business!

Sanitary Valves
Hygienic valves are used in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries, the health level of the high requirements of the places used by the valve fittings. General procurement is the pharmaceutical or food factory for maintenance and related equipment configuration, buyers are basically pharmaceutical, food equipment, system integrators and buy wholesale, etc.
Sanitary valves for access to wine, vinegar and other liquids. The upper part is an opening and closing plate, the lower part is a main body, the main body is composed of a cover, a main shell and a spool, and a vent hole is arranged in the wall of the outlet pipe of the main shell, one end of the vent hole And a spring seat is arranged on the spool, and a spring is arranged on the spring seat; a through hole is arranged at the center of the top of the product cover; and the opening and closing of the product is carried out The plate is arranged on the cover of the main body, the opening and closing plate is connected with the pulling rod; and the handle and the vent plug are fixed on the opening and closing plate. So that the container is usually airtight, isolated from the air, in order to maintain the original taste of spices, to extend storage time; in the discharge can be filled with the required air at the same time, in order to smooth the discharge; The valve is simple, easy production, sealing performance , Easy to operate.

Health class ball valve

Health-class ball valve works: CFQF-type health ball valve is operated by a pneumatic head, or through a handle can be manually operated.
CFQF series sanitary ball valve has three kinds of structure:
CFQF-1 Sanitary Ball Valves are three-piece construction consisting of two flanges, body and two PTFE seats. Installed with bolts. Can increase the seat cleaning connector, the valve chamber valve cavity to be cleaned by the discharge hole discharge.
CFQF-2-type sanitary ball valve for the three-way ball valve, the structure of the T-type and L-type two. By the valve body, valve cover and PTFE valve seat composition, the use of threaded installation.
CFQF-3-type sanitary ball valve for the two-piece structure, the valve body, joints and two PTFE valve seat composition, the use of clamp-type installation.
Hygienic Diaphragm Valve
Hygienic Diaphragm Valve Principle: Sanitary diaphragm valve body and diaphragm in close cooperation with the valve body seal and valve seat seal to ensure that the pipeline internal and external environment completely isolated, so sanitary diaphragm valve for sterile process. GMFCF sanitary diaphragm valve is opened and closed by the stem up and down movement to achieve. Hygienic diaphragm valve stem in the upper position, the spherical diaphragm bending upward valve to form a conductive state. When the valve stem from top to bottom movement to drive the valve core to bend the diaphragm, forced diaphragm tight seat area, or closed the pipeline fluid to the path. Hygienic diaphragm valves can be operated manually or pneumatically, and can also be controlled by an intelligent controller. GMFCF sterile sanitary diaphragm valves can be operated either remotely via a pneumatic actuator or manually by means of a handle. Hygienic diaphragm valves are ideal for the control and on / off tasks of pipeline fluids. Sanitary diaphragm valves are widely used in sanitation-level brewing, dairy, beverage and other food industry as well as sterile working conditions of the pharmaceutical field.
Sanitary butterfly valve
Sanitary Butterfly Valves A sanitary, automatic or manual operation of the butterfly valve, sanitary butterfly valve suitable for stainless steel pipe system in a variety of applications. Sanitary butterfly valve works: BV6 series of sanitary-type butterfly valve can be operated remotely through a pneumatic head can also be manually operated by a handle. Sanitary butterfly valve actuators have three standard models, namely, normally closed (NC), normally open (NO) and air / air (A / A) type. Sanitary butterfly valve actuators convert a piston's axial motion to a 90 ° rotational motion of the valve shaft.
Sanitary Pipe Fittings
Sanitary pipe fittings have good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. Sanitary pipe fittings in the atmosphere corrosion resistance, if it is industrial atmosphere or heavily polluted areas, you need to clean in time to avoid corrosion. Sanitary fittings are suitable for food processing, storage and transportation. Has good processing performance and weldability.

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