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Sanitary Safty Valve

  • Sanitary Safty Valve

    Application :

    RA series safety valve is the sanitary stainless steel valve,its safety design make it protect the equipment, so it installed in the return circuit of discharge pressure,it's good for safety protect function in pipeline ,pump,device,storage tank. Extensively use to food,beverage,dairy,beer industry etc.

    Ordering information

    1. Before you order, you shall provide the following information, such as product's name, model, size, pressure, material, connection mode, transmission way, using temperature, whether with attachments.

    2.If you has selected our company model by design department, please contract with our online salesperson directly.

    3.When using occasions are very important or the environment is complex, please try to provide the design drawings and detailed parameters to us,our valves experts will check for you.

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